What’s it all about?

It’s a voluntary initiative , a fun way to help couples develop skills to build a strong relationship, encouraging them to express their feelings, discuss their differences and resolve them in a loving way … it’s run on a voluntary basis ….. it’s a gift for life…. How about attending an event?

Follow the steps

Feeling Card
The feeling set of cards help us connect to our feelings and share them with our partner ... the cards help us start the beautiful process of connecting to the people we love
Bad Moves
The Bad moves help us realise and avoid certain actions which could do more harm and hurt the each other without even knowling
Good Moves
Some times we are stuck in stalemate, Good Moves cards are packed great & beautiful ideas couples can do to explore the situation, understand each other and eventually find a way forward
Making Up
Once we have done a number of Good Moves we can Make Up. This a the most beautiful set of all .... The cycle is complete and our relationships has become stronger


Workshops for Engaged Couples

In preparation for  a life time commitment, couple will learn how to get to know each other and how to argue constructively

Workshops for Married Couples

Great opportunity to reconnect and create that much needed spark in our married life.

Train the trainer

Lead couples will lean to how share the Couple Cards technique with others

Workshops for Children

Leaning how to share feelings and resolve conflict  starts  when we are children with Friendship cards

Workshops for Families

Families learn how to connect , share emotions  and resolve conflict that are part of every day life.

Teacher Training

Teachers, PSCD, LSCE, counselors, youth workers learn how to share emotional literacy and conflict resolution skills with children

Helping Couples

The Coupe Cards Voluntary initiative started in 2012 ,we have shared the technique with Couples to help them build a strong relationship. We invite you to join us

Couples helped
Workshops Delivered

What couples say about us

testimonial-team (Demo)
Andre Lanzon
School Counsellor

Couplecards helped us value our relationship more and helped us to be more committed to each other

testimonial-team (Demo)
Josephine Gatt

No matter how long you have beet married there is always place for improving your relationship with Couplecards