Relationships Are Forever Foundation

Relationships are Forever Foundation focus on developing communication & conflict resolution skills for children & couples, it  is non-profit, non-governmental organisation based in Malta. The Foundation was established by a married couple Julian & Joanna Sant Fournier who have being working in the voluntary sector since 2002, they believe strong relationships are the foundation of a strong & stable society.

The primary objective of the Foundation is to help children, couples and families build strong relationships through education, assistance and group activities aimed at helping couples, whether married or unmarried, to develop life and communication skills with the objective of nurturing stable and long lasting relationships.
The Foundation’s vision is to promote and encourage communication between children, couples all over the world, through various means, including but not limited to, collaboration with other non-profit organizations and entities pursuing similar objectives and through sharing and developing new tools and techniques to help build strong relationships

The foundation has developed two sets of skills cards:

The cards will also help to develop emotional literacy

The organisation’s main activities include:

  •  Workshops to develop communication & conflict resolution skills
  •  Meeting policy makers & leaders of organizations to promote ideas to which can assits in building strong relationships
  •  Research and development of new relationship building tools & techniques
  •  Mediation for couples and families to help resolve conflicts
  •  Build a network of cooperation with organisations both local and international to share and exchange ideas


The foundation’s sole financial income is donations and sponsorship. Please do contact us if you wish to help in any way.

We invite you to join our dream,  if we all contribute our talents and dedicate some of our time to society we can make the world a better place.  This idea has created a lot of positive energy and a good feeling which is so much needed in today’s challenging world.


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