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    We are organising a number of workshops in various countries during which we explain the concept of CoupleCards and give each couple a set of cards. The Cards are available in English, Maltese, French, German, Dutch, Latvian, Chinese & Portuguese. A workshop normally lasts around 2 1/2 hours. The sessions are aimed for couples or all ages (going steady, married, living together), partners need to attend together.

    Malta: (send an email to reserve your place , see below)

    • Friday 11th January 2019 at 7pm (send an email with your name & mobile to couplecards@gmail.com to request booking)

    Workshops open to the PUBLIC: 

    • To be advised, send us an email to register your interest  

    • If you have the cards already you can attend a follow-up Workshop:

    • Send us an email and will advise you of the date


    If you would like to attend and/or organise a workshop,  just contact us as per list below :

    Various sessions are being planned for the coming months, if you are interested to attend an event  just send us an email on info@couplecards.com  and we will keep you informed.  If you are a professional and would like to share the cards with your clients do contact us

    See photos of couples using the cards see View Cards in Action

    Couple with cardsTo reserve your place, email couplecards@gmail.com  with your preferred date and send us the following information (for you and your partner)

    • Names
    • Occupation
    • Status (going steady, married, cohabiting)
    • Mobile
    We will confirm booking by return email



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