• Bringing up the past

    Posted on December 2, 2012 by in Testimonials, Using the cards

    Some people are blessed with a memory and remember the detail of situations that happened years ago. In a particular situation the wife would remind her husband of all his past mistakes each time they argued, in order to defend himself the husband would widen the argument and bring in completely unrelated matters. Following a Couplecards workshop the couple revisit these arguments are realised what was actually happening. The couple deciding to lay the complete set of Couplecards on the table to try and follow the way the argument developed…..  The wife picked up the card ‘Bring up the past”, the husband followed by choosing “Widen the argument”  . The couple realised that they had been repeating these ‘Bad Moves’ where heading to a stalemate and started to think of moving to  the ‘Good Moves’ such ‘Understanding the consequence’ of how this behavior is effecting the relationship. They then picked up cards such ‘Understand how the person feels” and “Switch position” …. ending up with “I am sorry”

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